Let your cells get carried away!


Transferable culture membrane for R&D in regenerative medicine & tissue engineering

How about growing your cells or tissues on top of a carrier membrane to generate meaningful cell-based assays, authentic tissue models or suturable, biocompatible implants that enhance tissue regeneration?

The Collagen Cell Carrier® membrane represents a universal scaffold for adherent primary cells, cell lines and stem cells for in vitro and in vivo applications with excellent cell-friendly and biocompatibility properties. The natural collagen type-I fibers create a natural environment that supports high cell densities and the formation of complex 3D tissues with optimal performance. The ready-to-use membrane enables co-culturing of cells on both sides, sectioning for histologic analysis and fluorescent imaging.  For implantation studies, CCC cultures can be easily transferred and fixed to the tissue of interest.

The Collagen Cell Carrier® membrane is available as sheets or circular membranes fitting cell culture plates for flexible use in R&D.



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order information

To accommodate flexible needs in cell & tissue culture, the sterile Collagen Cell Carrier® membranes are available in all common formats from 96-well to 10-cm plates. They can be ordered either as “CCC ready-to-use (RTU)” pre-attached to multiwell plates or as individually packed membranes for self-attachment. Square sheets can be trimmed to custom formats with sterilized scissors or a scalpel. 

VWR-US Cat. No.Description
76518-076COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER -Sheet 1PC- 50 X 50 mm
76518-078COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER- Sheet 1 PC-100 X 150 mm
76518-080COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER 1 PC.- Circle 88 mm
76518-082COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER -6 Well Plate 6/PK-Circle 34 mm
76518-084COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER-12 Well Plate 12/PK Circle 21 mm
76518-086COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER-24 Well Plate 24/PK Circle 14 mm
76518-088COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER-48 Well Plate 48/PK Circle 10 mm
76518-090COLLAGEN CELL CARRIER-96 Well Plate 96 /PK Circle 7 mm
In the USA and Canada you can order the CCC through VWR