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Flexible & reliable solution for 2D and 3D cultures

In vivo, cells and tissues rely on a collagen based extracellular matrix for structural support and signaling cues that influence growth and differentiation. Collagen coating of vessels and the generation of 3D gels with soluble collagen are therefore established basic techniques to enhance the performance of cell and tissue cultures.

How to choose the right product? The current market offers a mix of often poorly defined soluble collagens with inconsistent performance or low protein quality.

Viscofan BioEngineering offers a standardized ultra-pure bovine collagen type-I (telocollagen) solution with high performance consistency for use as a thin coating for 2D cell culture in any cell culture dish. For use in 3D cell culture, hydrogels can be generated with cells either embedded inside the hydrogel or seeded on top. The high collagen concentration of 5 mg/ml provides freedom to select the optimal gel density for your cells.



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VWR-US Cat. No.Description
76518-100BOVINE SOLUBLE COLLAGEN 5 mg/mL, 20 mL
In the USA and Canada, please order Bovine Soluble Collagen through VWR.