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Our biomedical collagen products are available in different qualities and formats to serve the individual needs of various applications.

Collagen scaffolds

Browse our portfolio of ready-to-use biomedical collagen matrices for optimal cell & tissue performance

Collagen bulk materials

Develop any scaffold with our biomedical collagen starter formulations or customized membranes in research and medical quality.

Key applications

Print your own 3D tissue model! With Fibercoll-Flex-N®, we offer two fibrillary collagen bioinks for high fidelity bioprints with encapsuled cells or for robust 3D collagen scaffolds with cells seeded on top.
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Membranes, soluble coatings, gels or sponges - our collagen scaffolds made of pure fibrous collagen type I provide natural signals for cell attachment, growth, and differentiation, thereby supporting optimal cell performance and complex tissue formation in 2D/3D cultures & bioprint models.
Universal & flexible use!
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Cell & Tissue Culture

Cell-carrying biocompatible, suturable collagen membranes enable therapeutic innovations in implantology or graft generation – proven in vitro & in vivo!
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Regenerative Therapies

Fibrous collagen gel or suspension as raw materials provide ample freedom for scaffold development or coating of medical devices.
Available in research or medical quality.
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Medical Technologies

About Viscofan BioEngineering

With the mission to facilitate biomedical research and to ultimately enable the development of novel therapies in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, Viscofan BioEngineering has used its long-standing expertise in industrial-scale collagen production to establish a unique portfolio of biomedical collagen biomaterials for a broad range of applications.

What sets us apart is the ultrapure bovine collagen type-I quality that promotes authentic cell performance and features excellent biocompatibility. Our advanced biomedical collagen scaffolds enable global breakthroughs and easy bench-to-bed transfer, thereby positioning Viscofan BioEngineering at the forefront of regenerative medicine.

High quality collagen for biomedical innovations​

From basic research to clinical development & manufacturing – Viscofan BioEngineering provides biomedical collagen materials that enable global breakthroughs in regenerative medicine.

We stand for biocompatible, safe and reliable biomedical collagen products. Our quality management ensures optimal purity, structure and biological safety from batch to batch.

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