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Collagen Hydrolysate

Viscofan BioEngineering has developed a collagen hydrolysate of exceptional quality for general use in the health food industry. Starting with very pure collagen type I from bovine skin, our in-house manufacturing covers the entire workflow from raw material to the ready-to-use COLLinstant® product.

With a proprietary technology we first isolate very pure collagen type I fibers and then converse them thermally in a gentle process to gelatin. The nature of the starting material and the purity of the intermediate product collagen – reduced for the main flavor-carrier fat – is the cause for the remarkable absence of odor or taste in our hydrolysate end product.

Subsequently, quality collagen peptides with an optimal bioavailability profile and an inherent low allergy potential are generated by treatment with selected enzymes.

Finally, an advanced drying technology generates the agglomerated hydrolysate powder that stands out with its optimized quality for easy processing: the dust-free formula provides excellent free-flowing properties and is quickly soluble – even in cold water.
Our bovine collagen peptides produced at industrial-scale are offered for a broad variety of health food applications, e.g. as nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics or food supplements.

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