January 10, 2023

Collagen ebooks – informative & fun to read!

Viscofan BioEngineering is sharing its experience and know-how by preparing an ebook series on collagen, its industrial manufacturing and its use as biomaterial for medical research and development. The first two issues have already been published and are available free of charge on request:

Ebook #1

Collagen – nature’s scaffold as biomaterial

In the first issue of our ebook series, BioEngineering experts Dr. Lluis Quintana and Dr. Sonia Calvo provide an informative and entertaining overview of the fascinating biomolecule collagen, its native functions and its relevance for modern biomedicine.

Ebook #2

Collagen quality in manufacturing: Standardizing the process

In the second issue, Lluis Quintana highlights the need for quality manufacturing of biomedical scaffolds, describes in-depth the necessary steps in industrial production and how the process can be standardized.