April 03, 2023

Publication confirms Fibercoll-Flex® benefits in 3D printing!

Scientists from the University of Basque Country have evaluated the suitability and performance of the Fibercoll-Flex® fibrillary collagen bioinks as standardized and reproducible material for 3D printing and bioprinting.

In the new study, Garcia-Villen et al. found that the acidic Fibercoll-Flex-A® has excellent printing performance of complex scaffolds with superior shape fidelity and is best suited as a scaffold for cell seeding. They also evaluated bioprinting with MSC and L929 cells at room temperature using the neutralized Fibercoll-Flex-N® as bioink and observed high cell viability and optimal performance of the stable 3D cultures.

This recent scientific evaluation confirms the benefits of Viscofan BioEngineering’s new Fibercoll-Flex® bioinks as reproducible, flexible and reliable collagen source for the printing of viable tissue models.