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A cell matrix tailored to your needs

You need a collagen matrix with particular features? Viscofan BioEngineering develops custom-tailored scaffolds in alternative sizes, shapes, and individual thicknesses (20 – 200 μm) upon request. We adjust permeability, elasticity, degradation time, tensile strength, swelling properties and other characteristics of our collagen membranes and matrices according to your requirements. From ultra-thin, elastic, permeable to thick and highly tear-resistant matrices: benefit from our 85 years of experience in collagen processing.

The in vivo-like collagen matrix enables growth and differentiation of multiple cell types, representing an excellent scaffold for adherent cells and complex tissues in a broad variety of clinical applications, such as membranes for medical devices, dental membranes, cell therapy/ATMPs or implants.

For easy bench-to-bedside transfer the membranes are available in research and medical grade quality (in progress). 

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